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Margaret River Exposed: Amy Wyld


You’re an Artist. Is Margaret River reflected in you work?

Absolutely. It’s such an inspiring place, there is natural beauty everywhere and that’s what I portray in my work. The natural environment of the South West was a great place for creativity grow, you could say its one of my muses. I love to paint waves, wine and caves !)


Can we see any of your work in the South West?

My first solo exhibition as an artist was at a very young age it took many people by surprise... the walls on my bedroom and Dads office filling cabinet, woops... but hey, I couldn’t help it if I used every single piece of paper in the house and then had a burst of creativity... right? Nevertheless it was the start of something great and inspiring.


During my childhood I would set up with my pastels at the town square markets and drew vivid unique creations for people and it kinda grew from there. I’ve had works in galleries around town, I think there are a few commissions at Margaret River Senior High School. Mostly my work is in the private collections of locals around town.


What was it like growing up in Margaret River?

Growing up down south was amazing it has definitely shaped the person I am. Margaret River has that Je ne sais quoi (that special something that you can’t quite put your finger on but what ever it is... it’s amazing!!). We were lucky enough to have the space to have veggie patches and pets I loved my little lambs and later my family got into making wine with there friends - what a great hobby!


It’s quite funny when I take friends down south and they ask me where I went to school. I tell them Margaret River, Pre School, Primary School and then Senior High School and there are all on the same street, “...look there it is, separated by a stop sign.” That’s right stop sign! I love the fact we don’t have traffic lights! I remember I had to make a special trip when learning to drive to Busselton to practice with a traffic light! In hindsight was that really necessary?


Favourite part of Margaret River?

That’s easy, my family and friends. I have a large extended family in the South West, almost everywhere I go I run into somebody I love. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it happens to be in an environment where there are so many beautiful things to see and experience. My of my favourite things is going down Brides cave and have a gourmet picnic with local produce in Boranup forest. Or watching the amazing sunsets at the beach.


The other day I was home and went exploring with my family down the rails to trails. All along the bush and river, that was a good day. I'm always taking photos (it’s not overkill it is references to paint or for creative projects).


I loved exploring the bush and the beaches. I was definitely a beach girl and the adventurous type.


What are some adventures you remember?

I was a cave guide for a few years and joined the West Australian Speleological Society. We would go spelunking (wild caving), the type of caves you need to apply for permits to get in, abseiling, crawling, mud and bruises. We used to map and help conserve and rehabilitate the cave systems. I loved it as it made me appreciate the beautiful show caves we have on offer down here. I think I’m still one a postcard of Jewel cave. They are truly magnificent wonders and have been looked after with great care. My caving days inspired many of my artworks. I loved that job, I met so many great people, it let me experience great natural air conditioning in summer, not to mention those stairs, I had the best legs ! lol.


Is painting your idea of a great night?

Night, yes well I’m definitely a night owl. My perfect night is getting into my paint covered shirt, funny enough it’s my Margaret River High school leavers hoddie,  turn up the music, open a nice bottle of wine, get out a large canvas, and paint the night away. It’s usually the ocean or vines that I paint.


What have you been doing the last few years?

I’m the lead designer for a sustainable organisation in Perth and through this role I have been able to maintain strong ties with the South West, creating environmentally sustainable reports. Some publications include and Botanical illustrations of local Flora and Fauna.


My strong connection with nature motivates me to work sustainability into my own businesses wylddesign and Inspiration Marks. Over the years maintaining various clients in the South West with my freelance Graphic Design. I love working on and developing wine labels and wedding stationery packages which incorporate my art, design and photography on sustainable paper stocks. So as you can tell I have a lot of spare time.


What are you currently working on?

Myself, kidding... I’m currently working on my environmentally sustainable business, Inspiration Marks.


Through this I can show case my art and design on sustainable resources. I actually have designs which once loved you can plant and grow a Western Australian native!


I am always drawing and painting and am working on an exhibition based around Margaret River.


Where has your passion for art taken you?

I came to Perth to study Art and Graphic design. I studied Illustrative, Advertising, Corporate and Package design. It has also taken me too Europe, London, Spain, Italy but in particular France. Of course I spent days in the Lourve and then gallery hopped around the country side. I spent my time travelling the Art, Wine and Champagne circuit. From the Mediterranean climate to the sloped topography filled with grape vines, amazing gourmet food and art, it sounds like somewhere we know?  France reminds me a lot of Margaret River, the climate is similar to Bordeaux. My favourite place was Beaune in Burgundy they put such care into their wines and the people were amazing. I remember having private cellar tours and seeing amazing original artworks at Pommard: Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso I was in awe.


Where do you see yourself in the future?

Margaret River will always be a huge part of my life, I’m like a yoyo up and down from the city. Long weekends and Holidays, Birthdays, Memorials and special occasions or just because I’m always returning down there and always will be. What can I say home is where the heART is and the heART is where home is. So when I’m not down south odds I’m thinking about it and painting it, working on my Margaret River based exhibition or my sustainable design line.





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